Another season now is past,
For some its better than the last.
These games are started in the fall,
They're known to us as church dartball.

On Tuesday nights we meet to play,
The board is placed a special way.
Some practice shots, the game begins,
Start counting losses and your wins.

Sometimes you're close, you're here and there,
Its high and low and everywhere.
You shoot for white and hit the grey,
Or blast the orange, what can you say.

You plug along to get a hit,
Another out - you go and sit.
You wonder why you missed again,
Was that 9 times or was it ten?

The guys keep saying - thats o.k.,
Tough luck just isn't going to stay,
Don't try too hard, ease up a bit,
You'll make it pal, you'll get your hit.

We have a break, the usual one,
With coffee, rolls or hot cross bun.
When the time is up, back to the game,
I'm up to bat, they called my name.

Well, one more time I faced the board,
I pitched that dart, the whole crowd roared,
But then I heard a ding, ding, ding.
My gosh, I missed the whole dam thing.

Yes, pitching darts is lots of fun,
No matter if you've lost or won.
We like dartball and our good friends,
But here tonight - this season ends.

Art Engle