Church Dartball League Annual Banquet Report 1995/1996

The Beloit Church Dartball League consisting of 17 teams from 13 churches held its 32nd annual banquet 
at the New Hope United Methodist Church on Tuesday, April 8, 1997.  The meeting was opened with the 
invocation given by Rev. Ed Flores, pastor of the New Hope United Methodist Church.  Following a ham 
and roast beef dinner, the annual meeting of the league was held and award presentations made. 

The following guests, pastors of participating churches, were recognized; Rev. Leonard Wilson of the 
First Baptist Church, and Rev. Ed Flores of New Hope United Methodist Church. 

A moment of silence was observed in memory of deceased members Jim Krutsch, Ken Livingston Orrin Luebke 
and Jim Cook.

During the league business meeting, the following individuals were elected league officers for the 
coming year;

President, John Cockrell of Second Congregational
Vice President, John Obermark of First Congregational
Secretary, Roger Church of Atonement Rebels 
Treasurer, Dave Hardel of Atonement Renegades 
Historian, Gary Pankonien of Atonement Rebels
Public Relations, Gil and Dave Rounds of Atonement Rejects

The following awards were then presented;
1st Place, National League, Atonement Renegades
2nd Place, National League, New Hope Chicks
1st Place, American League, Messiah Chiefs
2nd Place, American League, Sun Valley Too
1st Place, Midwest League, Atonement Rebels
2nd Place (tie), Midwest League, Second Congregational Pilgrims
2nd Place (tie), Midwest League, Our Saviors Vikings
Sportsmanship Award, Atonement Renegades

The Atonement Rebels received the Norm Seigel Memorial Championship Trophy for defeating the Atonement 
Renegades in the best of 7 league championship series.  Members of the Rebels receiving individual 
championship trophies include team captain Duane Ottow, Harold Berner, Roger Church, Bill Knapp, 
Roland Mueller, Bernie Moller, Gary Pankonien and Dick Wallace.  Members of the Atonement Renegades 
also receiving championship participation trophies include team captain Lloyd Jero, Gary Gerber, 
Dave Hardel, Bob Timmcke, Eric Timmcke and Kevin Timmcke.

The following individual trophies were presented for outstanding performance during this season.  These include, 
Most Singles, 184, Dave Hardel of Atonement Renegades 
Most Doubles, 122, Jerry Murray of 1st Baptist
Most Triples, 112, Jack Pohl of New Hope Chicks 
Most Home Runs, 5, Bill Peterson of Trinity Lutheran
Runs Batted In, 100, Bob Timmcke of Atonement Renegades
High Average, .500, Roger Church of Atonement Rebels

Following the awards presentation, the meeting was closed with the benediction given by the 
Rev. Ed Flores of New Hope United Methodist Church. 

Any church interested in fielding a new team in the league for the 1997-1998 season should contact 
Gilbert Rounds at 365-3188 prior to the league organizational meeting to be held August 5, 1997 at 
Second Congregational Church.  The dartball season runs from the last week in September to mid - 
March with a two week break at Christmas and a banquet held in late March or early April.